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Research and development division NCRAAI (National Centre of Respiratory Allergy Asthma & Immunology)
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Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Director, U.P Rural Institute of Medical Sciences & Research. Saifai, Etawa, (UP), India visited the NCRAAI.
Nov 27-30, 2011
NAPCON – 2011 Held on 27th -30th, November 2011 at India habitat centre, New Delhi.
Apr 2-6, 2012
37th workshop on "Respiratory Allergy: Diagnosis & Management" at, VPCI, Delhi
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The NCRAAI is an Organisation for professionals working in allergy. Its mission is to improve patient care through education, training and research. Patients may find the following brief explanations about allergy and allergic diseases helpful.

The aim is to stimulate interest in laboratory testing and in vivo procedures in the diagnosis of allergy. We intend to establish a dynamic platform for scientists and clinicians that are designing, researching, and applying diagnostic in vitro and in vivo allergy tests.

The diagnostic algorithm for human allergic disorders (immediate or type 1 hypersensitivity) begins with an appropriate clinical history and physical examination. Once the medical, family and environmental histories identify a temporal association between allergic symptoms and allergen exposures, allergic disease may be suspected or confirmed, depending on the strength and consistency of the findings. Most often, however, diagnosis of an allergic disorder requires confirmation by selected tests that are performed to verify the patient’s production of specific IgE antibody.

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